Trade Show Booth Rentals

Choose an exhibit size to view our rental designs - but know that you're not limited with these rentals. Mix and match design elements from each exhibit to create a design that works for you. Las Vegas Exhibit Rental offers unique, modern exhibit rentals for any size or budget. Every rental includes hardware, graphics, and a full array of services including shipping, installation, dismantle and more.


Our 10x10 displays are surprisingly customizable. From simple backdrops, to complex shapes and designs, our Las Vegas location produces custom trade show exhibits and rentals that fit any size or budget and help you stand out on any busy trade show floor.

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One of our most popular sizes, the 10x20 exhibit rental is a great choice for Las Vegas exhibiting. The large back wall provides the perfect blank canvas for dramatic graphics, backlights, stem lighting, digital monitors, etc.  Storage and meeting areas can fit in nicely.

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Stop them in their tracks with your 20x20 exhibit in Las Vegas. The larger size affords ample space for meeting areas, reception counters, storage, display shelves, kiosks and technology--all the while showing your customers and your competition that you're a player. Check out our 20x20 rental gallery using the link below.

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There is a reason you rarely see enterprise brands in a small booth--on any trade show floor, brand dominance starts with exhibit size.

If a trade show is the stage and your best customers are the audience, your investment of a larger display is sure to provide a great return--provided your design and build reflect your message in your voice.

Our talented designers stand out in the industry as having the necessary experience to work with larger displays.  They take the time to learn your brand, your goals and your strategy, then they give options that are sure to impress--#remarkable!

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One thing you can rely on when exhibiting in Las Vegas--the show is going to be busy with customers ready to learn and buy.  And every exhibitor there is looking to stand out and drive traffic.

What better way to cut through the clutter than with a dramatic display that shows you mean business--and becomes the talk of the show?

Even this large, the 30x30 custom trade show booth can be purchased or rented. And of course, Metro handles every detail from beginning to end.

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30ft - 100ft

From small pop-up banners to the largest and most impressive exhibit in show, we've done it all. If you're searching for an exhibit, no matter the size, rental or custom, we have dozens of years of experience building trade show booths across the country.

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