30×30 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

30X30 Trade Show Display Rentals

The designs and renderings we offer are extremely flexible. Our exhibit gallery features many different sizes and types of booths that we offer. Keep in mind, features from more than one design can be mixed and matched to create a booth that works best for your company's image. Once you browse the options below to get a better idea of exactly what you're looking for, reach out to our team in Las Vegas for a free design rendering and a quote.

30x30 3A

The Citi 30x30 trade show booth design is an exhibit that will surely blow your competitors away. A unique hanging sign draws the eyes of show attendees. In addition, seating areas and several interactive monitors make this display inviting and enticing.

30x30 1A

Stand out amongst tough competition with a booth design like the KPMG 30x30 exhibit. Two extravagant lightbox displays and multiple monitors create a modern, digital customer experience. Complete the exhibit with an inviting seating area that includes various couches and stools.

30x30 1B

Enhance your brand's image with a design like the Litespeed 30x30 booth. Multiple semi-enclosed seating areas offer great spots for meeting with potential customers.  This exhibit also features graphic panels with product displays to show off what your company has to offer.

30x30 1C

This Bravado 30x30 exhibit is one of our larger designs that features an entire seating area for show attendees. Four digital monitors hang on back wall graphic panels to compliment the brand's image. Additionally, two glass cases in the front offer the opportunity to display products to potential clients.

30x30 2B

This 30x30 Honeywell exhibit is sure to make your trade show experience memorable. It features a double-decker design with a meeting area on the second floor as well as three kiosks and a large hanging sign.

30x30 2A

The Sika 30x30 booth is another of our larger designs featuring a second-floor meeting area. Customer kiosks, as well as a central reception desk, make it easy to interact with potential clients in this exhibit.

30x30 2C

The Brightcove 30x30 booth includes a unique double-decker design.  A staircase leading up to a meeting room completes this display. The exhibit also features double outer kiosks on each corner, as well as a curved reception desk and a circular hanging sign.

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Find the design that is closest to what you're going for. Our designs don't stop there! We can provide customizable booth rentals of any size such as 10x10, 10x20, 20x2020x30, 30ft-100ft & more. Reach out to our experienced team trade show professionals so that they can guide you through trade show rules and design regulations for your particular event.