10x10 Trade Show Display Rentals

Our 10x10 exhibit rentals in Las Vegas are known for being flexible and customizable to the needs of our clients. Look through some of the best booth examples below and don't forget that different elements can be combined from various booths to create a finished product that works best for you. After scrolling through the gallery and viewing the many different designs that are available, contact our team for more information, a quote, and a free design rendering.  Remember, our services are not limited to just Las Vegas -- we have the resources to provide our rental exhibits and trade show services all around the United States.

10x10 1A

This 10x10 offers a great example of professional flooring. With a kiosk located up front and three-panel backdrop, this 10x10 makes great use of the space provided.

10x10 1B

When looking at this 10x10 example you can see how to maximize your spacing. With a frontal kiosk, duel tables, and meeting space, this exhibit offers a unique option with monitor and stem lighting.

10x10 1C

With its duel seating areas and interactive kiosks, this 10x10 offers a different option. Additionally, this exhibit offers duel storage areas and tri-panel walls with custom graphics.

10x10 2A

The next 10x10 option is offering an open based layout. Focusing on logo and tri-panel back wall, this exhibit provides room to meet with clients and show attendees.

10x10 2B

This 10x10 option uses great spacing and provides a good retail option. It features an overhang and puck lighting option along with shelving space option. The exhibit also offers slot wood panels and half carpeting option. Overall, the design of this exhibit is clean cut.

10x10 2C

With three monitors and duel pedestals, this 10x10 is designed for interaction. By offering open spacing and elevated logo, it helps to draw in customers from afar. The layout also offers room for product display and simulations.

10x10 3A

This 10x10 offers custom carpeting options and mixed slot and graphic wall paneling. With stem lighting and meeting space, this exhibit makes use of its layout. Additionally, the kiosk provides a reception area and storage.

10x10 3B

This 10x10 example is ideal for a retail spacing option. With slot walls for shelving on multiple levels. Along with multiple stem lighting options and frontal storage and reception area. Overall, providing a custom retail option.

10x10 3C

With the three frontal pillars and black layout, this exhibit is great for presenting a product or service. Furthermore, this exhibit offers a three-panel back wall to emphasize the logo. Finally, through the use of dark colors and lighting, products pop out and are pushed to customers.

10x10 4A

With duel custom pillars and back wall panel graphics, this 10x10 is a great example of depth.  Furthermore, the exhibit makes use of interactive monitors that display service features. Overall, this exhibit also encompasses a reception area and front product stand. 

10x10 4B

The next exhibit offers many features in this 10x10 exhibit. With Stem lighting, Slot wall back paneling and custom graphics. Additionally, the exhibit offers a frontal kiosk area which can double as a reception area. Finally, the exhibit offers an enclosed layout and is perfect for an endcap display. 

10x10 4C

With this next 10x10 exhibit, features and graphics are the focus. This great example of an exhibit offers frontal kiosk, meeting/seating space and wrap around back panel graphics. Additionally, this exhibit has an endcap table in the background, which doubles as storage. 

10x10 5A

When it comes to wood panel exhibits this next 10x10 is an ideal example. With wood panel flooring, back wall and kiosk located within this exhibit. Additionally, this exhibit provides shelving options and customized graphic signage.  

10x10 5B

If your looking for a unique exhibit option look no further. This 10x10 exhibit offers an ideal setup for an endcap exhibit. Additionally, the three by eight-foot custom back graphics create a great image. Finally, the exhibit sides offer customed logo placement for increased brand awareness. 

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