10×20 Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

10x20 Trade Show Display Rentals

At Las Vegas Exhibit Rental, we design and build 10x20 rental exhibits that are fully customizable to meet all of your trade show needs. Check out our extensive booth gallery below for more examples. Our displays are flexible and allow you to combine different elements and features from more than one booth to create an exhibit that works best for you. Once you've scrolled through the different booth examples and have a better grasp of exactly what you are looking for, contact us for more info, including ballpark pricing, as well as a free cutom design rendering.

10x20 1A

This 10x20 exhibit offers a wide-set format option, with dual monitors located on the custom back wall and custom shelving options. Additionally, the exhibit offers a seating area with interactive device area. Finally, the exhibit offers wood panel flooring and custom signage that is sure to wow the crowd.

10x20 2D

The next 10x20 exhibit option offers a wide range of seating options. With three separate meeting areas located within this exhibit, this layout features a great example of personable client meetings. Furthermore, this exhibit offers two table areas and enclosed back wall area. 

10x20 1B

This 10x20 booth option offers a frontal reception area and hidden back storage. The exhibit also provides custom back wall paneling and an interior space for meeting clients. 


10x20 2B

This 10x20 booth is highly unique and provides a ton of features and options. It features a sit-down area, concealed meeting area, and frontal kiosk area. Additionally, this exhibit provides a monitor to display product and a customized back panel wall. 

10x20 1C

This colorful 10x20 exhibit uses its allocated space in good fashion. With a seating bench area located in the rear along with shelving options and walkthrough area, this booth has everything you'll need. Additionally, the exhibit has a frontal reception area and features colorful custom graphics. 

10x20 2C

This next 10x20 exhibit provides both open area and meeting space. Additionally, sit-down meeting space and three display monitors are also offered. Finally, this layout offers space display an array of products. 

10x20 3A

This 10x20 booth features a very clean-cut layout for a trade show. The booth features stem lighting to backlight a wall and informative panel backgrounds. Additionally, this exhibit offers a portion of its space as either meeting or seating space. Finally, the wood flooring helps to create a professional layout. 

10x20 3B

With this next 10x20 exhibit color and custom graphics play a large role. With deep shades of green and blue this exhibit helps to draw clients in from afar. Another key feature is the couch seating area and reception counter for passing people. With these features, you will be sure to draw clients in!

10x20 3C

The next retail-based 10x20 booth is great for customers to walk around in. Many open based layouts and multiple shelving options are featured in this exhibit. Another helpful area is the enclosed walls which help to filter out any disruptive sounds and distractions. 

10x20 4A

From high walls to shelving options and retail design, this 10x20 exhibit layout highlights key features to have at a show. From afar, the bold color options can really help to draw individuals in. Along with this, the exhibit provides an enclosure and acts as a makeshift store location. 

10x20 4B

This next 10x20 exhibit really emphasizes the feeling of depth through its back wall panel structure. Through the use of dark colors and cityscape, this exhibit layout can help a company standout at a show. Furthermore, this exhibit provides a customized back wall with monitor and seating area for meeting space.

10x20 4 C

With its tall back walls and multiple signage options, this 10x20 booth stands out from the normal exhibit. From looking at this exhibit, you can see the dual monitors and pillars adding to the height. Additionally, the exhibit has lower meeting space options for clients and customers. 

10x20 5A

This next 10x20 booth provides a unique feature for an exhibit. With an enclosed meeting space, this layout provides privacy with customers and any potential client walking by. Furthermore, the glass case behind the reception area is ideal for hosting products. 

10x20 6A

With this next exhibit, the layout is set up to present a creative design that draws people in. With the wavy back wall and custom colored print graphics, this exhibit boasts individuality. Finally, the exhibit offers features such as dual meeting spaces and a frontal kiosk area. 

10x20 7A

This 10x20 exhibit helps to highlight natural features in the display with the addition of plants and greenery. Furthermore, the glass display cases add clear product display to customers. An additional key area is the seating options located in the rear of the exhibit. 

10x10 8A

This simple 10x20 trade show exhibit offers a clean cut booth layout. It features dual meeting areas, a frontal reception area, and customized graphics. The exhibit itself also includes a monitor and custom back panel walls with an overhang. 

10x20 9A

With this 10x20 booth you get not only a custom design, but an archway and full overhang. Additionally, the exhibit includes rear storage and a reception area located in the front. This exhibit option also offers custom graphics and sidewalls.

10x20 5B

With this 10x20 booth, the setup is very interesting and different from most. It features allotted open spacing and dual pillars that serve as a meeting space, along with a shelving space that lines the width of the exhibit.

10x20 6B

When looking for an example of a 10x20 retail exhibit, look no further than this layout. It features multiple levels of shelving to present products and seating spaces are allocated within the exhibit. This space also provides room to meet with potential clients and show physical product options. 

10x20 7B

From the comfortable seating area to the reception area, this 10x20 exhibit layout uses space wisely. Additionally, the back wall serves as an interactive sit-down location to explain the product or service. Finally, the exhibit is ideal for a corner or end cap of a show. 

10x20 8B

Meet potential clients in style with this 10x20 exhibit design. Included with this booh are reclined chairs with a meeting table located in-between. The exhibit also boasts panel back walls, frontal kiosk reception area, and a digital monitor. Finally, the exhibit uses stem lighting to highlight the displays. 

10x20 9B

For this 10x20 exhibit, the main focus is on providing walking space and clear reception areas. The booth features wood flooring, a rear panel back wall, and a monitor with shelving option. Furthermore, the exhibit is backlight through stem lighting. 

10x20 5C

This 10x20 exhibit provides allotted spacing for meetings and presenting product,  with multiple meeting pillars and table for meeting space located in the back. The exhibit also provides custom artwork for the back wall paneling and display monitor. 

10x20 6C

The next 10x20 exhibit example focuses on the color element with custom panel backgrounds. With three panel walls located on either side of a middle wall, it adds depth. Another key feature is the seating area located within the corner of the exhibit. Here, you can allow customers to sit down and talk. 

10x20 7C

With the next 10x20 exhibit, grabbing attendee's attention is the main intent. From the three various pillars and reception areas located in the front, along with the custom print graphics and multiple levels of shelving on slot panel walls, this exhibit is a key standout. 

10x20 8C

This 10x20 exhibit is sure to impress with its backlit panels and LED lighting. The meeting space and custom reception counter also play a massive role in adding to this booth. This space also includes a storage option. 

10x20 9C

This exhibit, featuring a welcoming 10x20 design, provides meeting space and numerous additional amenities. It incorporates a brick rear wall, personalized posters, and a illuminated backdrop using stem lighting. This exhibit is destined to stand out and captivate audiences at any show.

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