A trade show is one of the most effective ways to gain new accounts and new customers, but it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of similar displays.

If you're planning to attend a trade show in the future, your banner can make a huge impact on how people respond to what you have to offer.

Read on for a list of 15 amazing, eye-catching trade show banner ideas that will have folks flocking to your booth to find out more about your business.

1. Keep Things Simple

The goal of your banner and your trade show booth is to attract customers. Too much clutter can turn people off or it may even confuse them, driving them away.

Try to make sure your banner is sleek and simple and let it tell a story about what you offer without being chock-full of text and other information. Don't print your entire product catalog on the banner. Instead, highlight a few of your best-selling items along with other important information.

2. Use Bold Graphics

In order to really draw people in at the trade show, you'll need to make a banner that has vibrant, bold graphics. Pick something unique and dramatic that is strategically placed on the banner where people will see it, even from far away.

Make sure your banner is clear and easy to see so it's visible from across the convention center. Combine bold colors with unforgettable images to show off a banner that showcases your company's creative side.

3. Let the Banner Help You Promote

If you're offering something like free consultations or free samples at the trade show, make sure to include that on your banner. When you tell people you have something to give right off the bat, it definitely sparks interest.

Use text that mentions "come see us for a free ABC" so that trade show attendees will come by and sign up. Make your trade show banner do the work for you by drawing people in and then convincing them to take advantage of what you have to offer.

4. Use Lightweight, Transportable Banners

While your banner should certainly be eye-catching, it should also be easy to set up and remove when the trade show is over. Select banners that are lightweight and foldable or ones that can be rolled up so you can easily transport them anywhere.

trade show booth with bannersBanners with a stand make it extremely easy to sit on the floor and move around until you find the perfect spot. These designs not only make the trade show booth experience easier, but they can also save you a lot of time.

5. Add a "Wow" Factor with Backlighting

When it comes to trade show banner ideas, a little bit of lighting will always make your booth look more appealing. New backlit banners add a unique glow to your sign and give your company a high-end vibe.

These banners help to draw attention to your business and make your marketing look a cut above the fray. Lighting always gives things a vibrant touch, and it shows that your company cares about how it presents itself.

6. Make the Message Clear

Since most trade show attendees will be moving from booth to booth at a rapid pace, you need to make sure your banner has a clear message. Cut out excess wording and create something that's short and to the point.

Any sign you display should tell people right away exactly what you offer and what your company stands for. When you make your message clear, people who are truly interested will be more inclined to pay your booth a visit.

7. Try a Double-Sided Banner

If you have a lot to say and can't fit it on one banner, try one in a double-sided design. These banners can be printed with two different things, or you can use the same design on each side to make it visible from both angles.

Another good use of double-sided banners is that you can showcase one side for one trade show, and the opposite side for another to cater to specific customers. Have the side advertising to customers facing one way, then flip it to advertise to vendors facing the other way.

8. Supplement Your Banner with Promo Items

Once you've attracted people to your trade show booth, it's a good idea to continue the marketing with a few free promos. From ballpoint pens to beer cozies, promotional materials are a great way to remind people about your company.

Print your company name, logo, and contact information on the items so customers have a keepsake that will remind them to reach out to you later. These promotional items always make people feel good, and it shows that you appreciate their interest and patronage.

9. Include Your Social Media Info

When you decide on your banner design, make sure you add your company's social media information. Whether it's a clever Instagram handle or your LinkedIn page, most customers today will be looking to see if you have a social media presence. You don't have to make this information glaring, but it's definitely something you should include on the banner.

10. Go Vertical

exhibit with vertical banner stand
Traditionally, banners have always been long and lean as they hang horizontally over your booth. Make your banner look modern and sleek with a vertical design that stands upright instead.

Floor banners are easy to use with a durable stand and you can create something different that features an elongated, tall design for a modern touch. These vertical banners create a different type of presentation and you can place several various styles strategically around your booth.

11. Trade Show Banner Ideas: Know Your Demographic

To be successful in any business, you really need to know your customer base and your current demographic. Use this information to design a trade show banner that caters to your core audience.

You can use anything from a pop culture reference to a catchy slogan that will entice people within that demographic to find out more about you. Make your message clear to the people you're really trying to reach with a creative design.

12. Use a Call to Action

If you're looking to close sales or gain new accounts at a trade show, make sure your banner includes a convincing call to action. This wording should encourage people to seal the deal by either signing up for a new account or agreeing to a consultation. This call to action should be bold without being too demanding, but it's a great way to close deals while you're at the trade show.

13. Make It Personal

Some people really love the concept of a close-knit business or one that's family-owned. Add a photograph of your company's founder or use a staff photo that gives the banner some personality. When you make the banner more personal, people will see your company as a trustworthy and welcoming place to do business.

14. Stay Away from All Caps

Even though you're at a huge trade show, using all caps on your banner isn't just really ugly, but it may also turn people off. The use of all caps feels like yelling to most people, and it just doesn't really do much for your message. You can use all caps in moderation, but never us it throughout the entire text of your banner.

15. Make Your Banner Beautiful For a Lasting Impact

Ultimately, your trade show banner should leave a lasting impression with anyone who sees it. When the banner is filled with colorful and bold graphics, it's sure to create a visually stunning presence at the trade show.

Use dramatic images and vibrant colors to give your banner a boost. When you combine that with pertinent information, you can pack quite a punch all in one single trade show banner.

Stand Out at the Trade Show with Creative Banners

If you want to make an impact at your next trade show, try some of these trade show banner ideas to help you get started. Use colorful designs and bold graphics along with your social media information.

Pick new banners in a slender vertical design or try something with a backlight to make it stand out and draw people in. Always use concise language an include a call to action that encourages people to learn more or complete the sale.

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